Aqua limited Edition by Rose Garden for women EDP 100mL

Selecting a new fragrance is a personal experience that should never be rushed don’t fall victim to the ‘spray ’n’ dash’! Take the time to try a scent and allow it to settle on your skin. Spritz the inside of your wrist and wait at least 10 minutes for the full fragrance to emerge. Take a discreet whiff every few minutes to experience different notes as they develop. Rose Garden Aqua Limited Edition For Women 100 ML is one of the recommended perfume when buying online.

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متوفر بالمخزون
Our Advantage
  • — عطور أصلية 100٪
  • مصدرها من موردين محليين أصليين في الكويت
  • — أفضل الأسعار اون لاين في الكويت
  • — العطور متوفرة على الإنترنت فقط