Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere for Women EDP 100 mL

N 5 Eau Premiere Chanel excites you with its feminine and seductive nuances. This Chanel perfume allures you in with its pleasant aroma. N Degree 5 Eau Premiere by Chanel is for the woman who wishes to reveal the subtlest hint of emotion. It is a light and rejuvenating scent that is perfect for active women with a sense of passion and enthusiasm for life. This perfume for women has great sillage, which makes it an ideal choice for use the whole year around. This fragrance brings out your inner self in all its glory and is sure to draw tons of compliments wherever you go. This easy-on-the-senses perfume is available in a 50ml bottle, in Eau de Parfum concentration.

This N 5 Eau Premiere Chanel starts off with the notes of neroli, ylang-ylang, and aldehydes. The neroli gives off a citrusy, slightly bitter aroma that has a purifying effect on the olfactory senses. The ylang-ylang releases a creamy and floral, sweet scent that adds a dash of eroticism to your personality and attracts people towards you. The aldehydes has a soapy, waxy, lemony, floral aroma that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The middle notes of this Chanel perfume are created using rose and jasmine. The rose gives off a femininely clean scent that brings joy and makes you feel as if love is in the air. The jasmine gives off a piercingly sweet scent that invites the senses of those nearby to take a dip in it.

The vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla present in this N 5 Eau Premiere Chanel add warmth and sensuality to the air around you. The presence of sandalwood and vetiver imparts a sharp and woody, earthy aroma to this perfume while the notes of vanilla stay behind to calm your mind and senses.
Perfume Size:
100 mL
Perfume Type:
Eau de Parfum

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