Acqua Di Sardegna

Acqua di Sardegna’s story begins with a seafaring man, Mauro Aprea. Mauro discovered Sardinia little by little, a precious pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean.

One day Mauro realized he had fallen in love with this land. The traditions, the vivid colors, the fairy tales, the mesmerizing music, and the ancient stone towers and small bronze statues that defined Sardinia’s history…  they all called out to him and drew him closer. Mauro decided to change his life and come to live here, in Alghero, a small seafront town made of limestone and coral.

People in love often have an intense need to express what they are feeling. Some use words, others communicate through music or pictures. Mauro chose to portray his joy with perfume.

Sardinia’s voice carries by way of her perfumes; she beckons to us with a fragrance of crashing waves, sun-drenched rock, aromatic herbs, and small, pungent wildflowers.

She offers her tales through the aromas of fertile leaves on the paths, the narrow stone streets, the dry yellow fields that quiver in the sultry heat, and the fresh, moist air that arises after the first September rain.

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